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Top 10 Creative and Classy Date Nights

So you did the perfect homecoming proposal and they actually said yes. Congratulations! But what’s next? Like many other high school students, homecoming can be one of the most memorable nights of your life. It can be stressful picking out every single detail leading up to the dance, but what about after? What should you do after enjoying a fun night if you don’t want the night to end? In this article, we will give you ten creative date ideas that your sweetheart will remember for the rest of his or her life.

Don’t Forget the Flowers

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It’s traditional for you to get your date a corsage, but make sure you talk to her first. Make sure she doesn’t have an allergies and that you don’t get flowers that will clash with her dress. Unless it’s a big surprise, you may want to let her know what kind of flowers you are getting her so she can get you a boutonniere to match. If neither of you want flowers, you can come up with some other fun ideas to exchange little gifts.

Choose A Nice Affordable Restaurant

Another creative idea would be a great local restaurant. Although the dinner and dancing move has been done a thousand times, you can make it special by choosing a local gem. Find someplace out of the ordinary. Try to choose something that offers a feature that will wow your date, like a live band or orchestra. Have them play one of your date’s favorite songs. You may have to save for this option but it will be worth it to see the expression on your partners face.

Hire a Limo

A limo is truly the greatest way to begin and end your date. It lets them know that they are special and worth every detail leading up to the date. A limo can add a classy vibe to any date, even if it’s just a simple dinner. It also provides a quiet space to talk and get to know each other if you don’t want the night to end.

Get Ready Together

Image Credit: Glo-Pamper

If your date takes pride in their looks, then they would be extremely happy if you surprised them with a spa day before homecoming. For most teens, getting ready for dances is a stressful time. If you all prepared together, it would make the day less stressful and lead up to a perfect night at homecoming. Take your guy or gal to get their hair and nails done Document the process for them to remember forever.

Go Explore The City in Your Formal Wear

Okay, this one may have been done a couple times in movies, but that is because it’s so much fun! Take your date somewhere they’ve never been before. This may be a little tricky if you both are from the same city you are exploring, so ask your parents (heck, even grandparents) to help you out on this one. I guarantee you they’ll be able to tell you of an amazing hole in the wall place that very few locals even know about.

Have a Bonfire

Bonus points if you live by a beautiful beach or a lake. If your date usually enjoys nature then set up a quiet night by the bonfire. Bring camping date foods like smores and strawberries. Find a warm and cozy blanket, and enjoy the rest of your night under the stars!

Cook Together

Now is the time to show off. Impress your date with your awesome culinary skills by making their favorite meal. Set the mood with a nice table complete with a simple centerpiece and candlelight. Add in soothing music and you’ve got yourself a classy date! It even has a bonus of letting you save money on a restaurant.

Visit a Botanical Garden

Image Credit: Thanksgiving Point

This option seems a simple, but it can add a air of magic to your night that you can’t find anywhere else. Wandering through a beautiful garden when you are dressed to the nines is the perfect way to feel like you are part of a fairytale. This is perfect addition to a date, especially if you are trying to woo your date.

Have a Photoshoot

Yet another way to commemorate the night. The old saying is pictures are worth a thousand words. A photo shoot is a perfect way to commemorate your night forever and tell the worlds that the person that you are with means a lot to you. If you do end up in a botanical garden as suggested above, this could be the perfect spot to have a photoshoot.

Plan a Night Picnic

What’s more romantic than a picnic? A picnic at night, of course! Get a blanket, pack some of your favorite snacks, and enjoy a night under the stars with your special guy or gal.


When planning the perfect date, it is best to always get personal with the details. Take your time and get to know your date so that you can leave a lasting impression, and don’t be afraid to take some of these date ideas and change- or combine them- for the perfect date (a limo ride to a personal bonfire? Yes please!). Happy Dating!


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