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Anniversary Ideas for Established Couples

Young love is wonderful. In many ways, however, older love is even better. People who have been together a long time get to know each other in deep, meaningful ways. An anniversary celebration is a great opportunity for couples to remind themselves how much they enjoy spending time together.

Costa Rica

This small Central American country is a place of many spectacular wonders. This is where South America meets North America. As such, it’s home to gorgeous vistas and incredibly diverse wildlife. If you love the natural world, you’ll find much to look at with your partner everywhere you look. Dip your toes in the romantic, warm waters of Tabacon Springs. Visit Monteverde Cloud Forest where exotic birds like toucans lie just out of reach. Spend days along the beach at Manuel Antonio National Park.

Long Island

Jutting away from New York City, Long Island is full of adventure. Hit the area’s fabled Hamptons area during the summer. A Long Island wine tour is popular after a day at the area’s many inviting beaches. Visit charming Montauk and take a tour of Fire Island and the sunken forest. If you want to splurge a little for a really classy evening, consider getting a limo to travel around in. Not only will you feel like a million bucks, you also won’t have to worry about driving yourself home at the end of the night.


Orlando isn’t just for kids; it’s also for adults who appreciate a sense of fun. Head south for a wedding anniversary celebration that will rekindle your inner sense of joy. Amusement parks abound at every turn. To avoid local traffic, stay at one of the local parks. Enjoy the rich variety of local cuisine. Take a break from the theme parks and head out to the Kennedy Space Center. A forty-five-minute drive brings you to talks with astronauts and gets up you close and personal with all the awe-inspiring infrastructure of NASA and the history of the space program.


Paris, is of course, on any anniversary bucket list. This is the city of lights and the city of romance. Come in the spring when the air is mild, and streets practically demand a stroll. During the day, visit museums where Monet and Degas show their love of color and movement. After night falls, head for Rue Mouffetard where dozens of restaurants offer inviting meals. Then it’s time to hike up the Eiffel Tower. The tower is lit with rounds of pulsing color at night and you’re in the center of it all.

South Africa

This large country at the south end of the African continent is a paradise for all those who love animals and want to see them in person. Historic Cape Town has plentiful luxury rentals to stay at and many fascinating cultural sites you’ll want to see from the ground. Head up Table Mountain together so you can see the entire city in front of you. Travel to Kruger National Park. This immense game preserve offers wild animals in their native habitat. The dry winter months from September to April are the best time to visit.


One of Southeast Asia’s gems, Thailand is the place to go if you love to eat, adore beaches, and appreciate history. Bangkok is alive at all hours with intense color and lots of opportunities to meet locals. The interior has many towns where people are welcomed. Hit beaches like Lonely Beach. Despite the name, it’s anything but lonely. This centrally located part of the coast is filled with stores, bars, and restaurants. Rent two chairs for a minimal fee each day. Place them by the waters when it’s hot. At night, head up the beach for an authentic meal of pad thai, lots of fresh coconuts, and a cold beer on hand as you snuggle up and watch the sun slowly go down.


Quiet, elegant Venice is one of the world’s best places for lovers. Take a local water taxi into the heart of this ancient and storied city or board the train that goes directly to a station in the northern part of town. Ride nearly silent gondolas under the bridge of sighs and relax only an inch or two above the waters. Have an ice cream and head for the Piazza San Marco as dusk falls. After hours, the tourists empty out, and the place is yours. Have a map on hand as you explore the maze of alleyways together. Beautiful vistas are on hand at all times so be sure to have your camera at the ready.

An anniversary deserves a true celebration. Make yours special with a well planned out trip. Look for destinations that have something you’ll both love when you get there. A great anniversary trip is one of the best ways to built yet new memories and built them together.


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