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When you hire Pakman Luxury Limousine service you have to agree to the following terms and conditions. We have designed these conditions to provide you with the best and up to the mark services

  • All the payments and deposits are NON-refundable.
  • In case of planned events, meetings or wedding, if the client makes cancellation before two weeks of the scheduled date, the full balance will be charged.
  • For planned events cancellation should be made no less than eight weeks prior to the scheduled date in order to avoid full payment.
  • Deposit of one booking is non-transferable to any other date or vehicle.
  • Airport cancellations should be made before 24 hours to avoid full payment.
  • Pakman Luxury Limousine is authorized to bill the charged for damages, extra stops, over time, non – smoking fee and others to the client.
  • Smoking, eating, drinking and sanitation in the vehicle are prohibited and the client will be charged in case of any of the act.
  • Illegal weapons or drugs are strongly not allowed in or around vehicles. If a passenger gets any of them the Pakman Luxury Limousine will immediately inform authorities and no refunds will be applied.
  • Passenger limit cannot exceed the seating capacity
  • In case of any fighting, brawling or pushing inside or outside the car, the service agreement will be terminated immediately with no refunds. And the driver will be in charge to ask the passenger to get down from the car.
  • Moreover, any verbal confrontations occurred between customers and other people will result in the termination of services.
  • Flat rate trips have 15 minutes of wait time after that waiting fee will be charged.
  • For airport national arrivals wait time is 1 hour and for international arrival, it is 1.5 hour.
  • Pakman Luxury Limousine is not responsible for delays caused by weather conditions, traffic issues, accidents, tire problem, airlines or airport issues or any incident caused by others or act of GOD.
  • Pakman Luxury Limousine and the driver are not responsible for any of the passenger’s belongings left in the car. So, do keep the check on your belongings before leaving the car.
  • Pakman Luxury Limousine is not responsible for any injuries inside or outside vehicles caused by passengers. The customer accepts liability for such injuries or accidents caused by him/her during the trip.
  • The passenger should pay off the remaining balance to the drivers in cash if it’s a cash trip or else will clear the payment through a credit card Drivers do not have car swipe facility in the car.
  • In case of scheduling or maintenance problems Pakman Luxury Limousine reserve the right to upgrade the limousine or another vehicle for any trip. But, the company will make sure to provide the better capacity and value vehicle to the clients.
  • Some vehicles are equipped with surveillance equipment and the passenger will be notified in prior to
  • All the vehicles have MP3 players and music systems upgraded but the passenger can carry some of the CDs or music resources according to preferences.
  • If the passenger has any complaint or inconvenience by the driver, he/she can contact the helpline immediately to get the problem resolved.
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